Soul Flower Remix

Punch - Serves 10 people. 250ml Cloudy Apple 200ml Pineapple Juice100ml Lime Juice 200ml Wester Spiced 100ml Wester P...

Sweet Life

30ml Wester Spiced30ml Aperol50ml Pineapple25ml Lime 10ml Lime oleo Garnish with mint sprig and half passionfruit.

Cold Summers

35ml Wester Pineapple15ml St Germain 15ml Iced Jasmine Tea10ml Earl Grey Syrup10ml Lemon JuiceShake all ingredients w...

Hotel California

50ml Wester Pineapple 15ml Lime15ml apricot liquor Egg WhitesShake ingredients with ice and strain into coupe glass. ...

So Fresh, So Clean

50ml Wester Pineapple20ml Pineapple Syrup20ml Lime Juice Muddled MintTop With Cava Shake all ingredients with ice and...

Nuthin’ but a G-Thang

35ml Wester Spiced Rum10ml Cointreau 20ml Lime 10ml Pistachio Orgeat Shake Cointreau, Lime and Pistachio Orgeat with ...

Stir Fry

25ml Wester Pineapple 25ml El Bandarra White Vermouth25ml Luxardo Bianco Pour all ingredients over ice and stir to ta...

Easy Lover

50ml Wester Pineapple 15ml Cucumber Syrup Half A Muddled KiwiSodaAdd the flesh of half a kiwi to the glass and muddle...

Grape Choice

35ml Wester35ml Grape Juice20ml Grapefruit5ml Grapefruit OleoMix all the ingredients in the glass with ice and top wi...

Drunk, In Love

50ml Wester Spiced 200g frozen watermelon cubes20ml Lime Juice20ml cucumber syrupBang it all in a blender and enjoy.
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